PATCHWORK scarf (light grey)

hood    155 x 24 cm

49% wool 51% acrylic 

Onesize, crochet scarf.
In this scarf, there is both a grandmother's square and a flower that we used in the KVITKA bonnet. And this means that the traditional method of knitting and the traditional motif of the ornament have come together in this product.
It is big enough to make you feel like you are wearing a blanket that is always with you.
The scarf will be sent to you in the branded packaging.
*size of each item may vary slightly

ORDER INFO: this item has a production time of around 2 weeks. The  production time can vary, depending on how busy the knitters are. If there's a longer wait than usual, you will be notified. 
All products are handmade, knitted in Ukraine.

CARE INFO: airing, dry cleaning or hand washing in warm water.
Avoid contact with rain and chemicals

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