KVITKA bonnet (dark gray)

hood    16 x 27 cm
ribbon  45 x 6 cm

* the bonnet will adapt to any head size due to its structure, it’s elastic

49% wool 51% acrylic 

Onesize, crochet bonnet.
Thickened ribbon designed inspired by flowers from Ukrainian ornaments makes this product unique.
The product is presented in two basic colors - light gray and graphite.
The bonnet will be sent to you in the branded packaging.
*size of each item may vary slightly

ORDER INFO: this item has a production time of around 2 weeks. The  production time can vary, depending on how busy the knitters are. If there's a longer wait than usual, you will be notified. 
All products are handmade, knitted in Ukraine.

CARE INFO: airing, dry cleaning or hand washing in warm water.
Avoid contact with rain and chemicals.
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